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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  December 13, 2010 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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chadwick, a ten-year-old blind congresser spaniel was huddled up and frozen. chadwick was adopted last month but he got loose from the new home and staffers thing he lost his sense of smell in the snowstorm and followed barking sowbdzs to -- sounds to the shelter. he is now cleaned up and back at home and nala is awaiting adoption. she is at the humane society in redmond, oregon. >>shepard: what a storm, slamming the upper midwest, two feet. two feet of snow. all kinds of trouble. hello, minneapolis. coverage coming ahead. and box two, a major ruling on the health care law, what it means tore the future of the overhaul. and in box three, a couple now
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threatening to sue an entire school district over these: clothes. what is your problem with my clothes? they have a problem with it. adults. telling children what to wear. this is the new stove. why did the district ban them? that is ahead unless breaking news changes everything. but, first, at 3:00 in new york, a news alert. we are live on the senate floor, lawmakers holding a key vote on the tax cut compromise between president obama and the republicans. many democrats say they are furious over this thing and the country cannot afford to extend the tax cuts for the richest americans. president obama spent last week defending the argument saying it is the only way to prevent a middle-class tax hikes and the package includes a two-year extension of the bush-era tax cuts for people of all incomes, a cut in social security taxes and extension of the unemployment benefits running out for millions. the deal also includes controversial changes to the
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estate tax which democrats say is just another boone for the rich which could be a dealbreaker for some senators. and now reaction from the white house and first to capitol hill. do we know which way this will go? >>reporter: it is certain. them vote and it will take several hours, actually, usually it is 15 minutes but they will extend it because senators are coming back from their weekends at home and there what a big storm in the midwest so flight delays and traffic hassles so it could be quite some time. but democrats and republicans in the senate have acknowledged that they expect to make the 60 vote threshhold to officially begin the senate debate on the floor. this is a procedural thing where all the talk they have been doing has been unofficial and first they have to hit 60 votes to begin the debate in the senate. it could be short. they could wrap it up if a day and have final passage with another 60-vote threshhold. >>shepard: and the house is
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more complicated? >>reporter: dramatically more. last week the democrats voted in conference, all but one democrat, voted for a measure to have rejected the president and the republican plan out of hand. they were so furious that the president negotiated with the g.o.p. they were going to try to preventiven a vote or consideration of it in the house. they have been back pedals on that and there will be house vote and they would like to get it done by friday. the current proposal on the estate taxes is 35 percent tax on inheritance over $5 million and democrats say that is not enough and would like to see a bigger tax. the counterpropsal has been for a tax of 40 percent tax over $3.52 million, larger. republicans and the president and the vice president have all said, no changes can be made to the deal, so, after what is expected to be a lot of talking
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that will go away. >>shepard: that is a lot. thank you from capitol hill. we have reaction from the white house, as well, and the press secretary there is telling reporters that the president is optimistic the tax cut deal will become law. and now our white house correspondent who is live on the north lawn. what else do we hear from inside the building? >>reporter: the officials have said they did not think congress would let the middle-class tax cuts expire despite the frustration of how democrats being shut out of the negotiating process. in the briefing, as you point out, he was optimistic about the measure pass the test vote in the senate. he says that is where the president's focused his energy so far. >> the president is encouraged by what we hear in the senate and believe that the legislation will pass that hurdle and be one important step closer to passage. this is something that is, has
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broad partner partner support in the agreement and it is an excellent agreement. >>reporter: the white house counselor came close to apologizing for shutting lawmakers out of the negotiating process and saying it came together quickly and in his words, he did not worry about style points. >>shepard: the outgoing white house economic adviser, larry summers, had a warning about the recovery today. >>reporter: he said we need a quick rove or we will not have a chance of a quick or item term reduction in the budget and no chance of restoring growing living standards for the middle-class and no chance of putting 8 million unemployed back to work. the white house has pointed to a couple of investment houses that doubled their economic growth forecast for 2011 based on this pass but if it fails the cost
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could be a second recession and 600,000 jobs. >>shepard: thank you. first, the newly released cables from wikileaks are indicating that there is aist between the united states and switzerland over iran's nuclear plants. the american officials express "serious concerns," over swissests to open separate negotiations with iran and that the attempts were sending the wrong message. wikileaks made soon have competition. reports indicate that a former wick staffer is launching his own secret sharing site called "open leaks," one of several spinoffs and copies in the works. the fox report chief correspondent is in new york. >>jonathan: jealously and ego are the main cause for this splitting off of the founders of wikileaks and setting up their own website. the opening called "open leaks," is supposed to be up and running
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by today. but when we went to the website today that is all you can see, coming soon screen. but, one of the founders of this, said in a documentary that aired on swedish t yesterday, that wikileaks had become "too much focused on one person and one person is always much weaker than an organization." clearly there are those involved in wikileaks who believe it has become all about julian assange rather than their stated aim of serving an open society. >>shepard: the latest lacks, and we get them each day, suggests that the swiss have interfered with the negotiations over iran's nuclear program. >>jonathan: the swiss represent u.s. interests in tehran and this accusation made by some u.s. diplomats in the cables is that the swiss foreign minister essentially went on a freelance negotiating trip with
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the iranians and basically undermined the u.s. and the other powers' negotiation position by sending a signal that iran could continue to resist pressure, in the words of a cable "to meet its international obligations." so, obviously, there has been a great deal of concern and the swiss on the one side representing u.s. interests and on the other side may be undermining them in terms of dealing with iran's nuclear ambitions. >>shepard: and julian assange is back in court tomorrow. than another hearing in london, he has been sitting in prison in southwest long -- london since being arrested last week. at the bail hearing tomorrow there will be a new member of his legal team. last week he was represented by a lawyer who we talked to frequently for studio b and the fox report last week. toaj he has another new lawyer, a famous one, jeffrey robinson is his name with australian and
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british citizenship, and julian assange is australian and he worked in a lot of high profile human rights cases. assange is building up the legal team and robinson is a heavy hitter. >>shepard: and jonathan hunt will chat away with you at and we have a graphics department upgrade, very nice, impressive new graphics and it now blinks like the christmas trees in front of our building. this is good. jonathan hunt, how do you feel about this? >>jonathan: very excited the fires time my name has ever actually be in lights. truly a thrilling moment. >>shepard: we are proud. than we will chat about that. i cannot say how grateful i am. >>shepard: happy monday to you and yours. we are keeping an eye on the
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united states senate because we are gluttons for punishment. look at them sitting in there. wait. wait. there is no one in there. this is not unusual. fee not. we are waiting for word on the procedural vote for the big tax cut. a closer look at what is going on behind the scenes as this controversy compromise and what could happen next with no one in the room and a bomber blows himself up on a street in sweden. and now investigators are trying to figure out if more attacks are on the way.
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>>shepard: president obama's tax cut compromise is facing the first major test. the u.s. senate vote underway is mostly a procedural vote, and a closure vote to begin debate. it sets up the $858 billion for final passage by tomorrow or wednesday. and they have no way to pay for it. they borrowed again. and now the washington editor for the wall street journal, owned by the parent company of this network. a procedure, only? >>reporter: there is not much to it but in practice it will tell you how many votes for final package and that is important because it will pass the senate. the people who want this to happen in the white house and republican leaders in the house, as well, want it to pass by a
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wide margin in the senate creating a feel there is momentum and that could make this opposition in the house molt away. everyone would like to get this done by the end of the week but if it is not clear to the people in the house this is almost a done deal, there could be roadblocks before it is done. >>shepard: if they have a lot of votes, and the margin is greater than we expect on thursday of last week, some in the house who are border line and worried about going home to the districts over the christmas holiday, some of them could come around? >>reporter: i think so. and a choice is to cast a symbolic vote over the estate. >>shepard: why is that symbolic? >>reporter: they can say "we think this is too much," and carl talked about this being the controversy that the democrats things this gives wealthy estate holders too much of a break. if they want to make the statement but not stop passage of the bill they can vote on something separate, clear that,
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and vote on the bill as it stands and let the senate strip the estate tax provision and everyone can go home and do their other business. that is a choice they have here. >>shepard: that estate tax provision has been for a couple of decades, a sticking point between the left and the right. what the left is saying, if you, when you get this money, if you won the lottery you would pay income tax. if you had under any circumstances, but someone in the family dying, you would pay a tax on this and the democrats say you need to pay a tax and they say 35 is not high enough. some want 55 percent. >>reporter: they have come down do 45 percent. it is a general proposition, democrats want a higher estate tass on more estates, and republicans want lower on fewer estates. so it is a compromise on both sides and many republicans think there should not be an estate tax whatever. so they have come up to accept something. it is odd this is the sticking point because it is not the big
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revenue razor in this bill by any stretch of the imagination. it is a class warfare issue but important on both sides, deeply felt and that is what we see. >>shepard: i wondered what you thought as a side, you use the word "compromise," but what did you think of the game being played, john boehner over the weekend on "60 minutes," trying not to use the word "compromise," because it is a dirty word. >>guest: a strange change. the guy whose could do the deals who could figure out the magic compromise making everyone happy were the respected deal makers and now it is, as you suggest, a dirty word. and it is an admission you are not getting what you want. president obama has been dealing with that for ten days, the liberal base is unhappy he is compromising the principles. john boehner is worried about the same thing, compromise to people on both sides thinks that makes letting go of principles or not having principles opposed
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to compromising toward reality which is what is going on here on both sides. the question is, where are the votes? the votes are there to do what is being discussed on the senate floor. >>shepard: people are talking about the obama and clinton appearance last week, and a lot of liberals are saying today it felt like putting the salt on the wound. bill clinton calms the base, you remember when it was a lot less complicated. >>reporter: he is the best as a performance artist. the reality, and the irony, he was more of a centrist that president obama so it is odd that liberals would find consolation from watching bill clinton sell the tax deal to them. but that is what happens. from the president's point of view the danger in that on friday was you do not want to see turn the white house podium over to the guy who can sell the deal better than you but if bill
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clinton can bring democrats along that is in his best interest. >>shepard: and bill clinton could sell snow in the metrodome today? he is mighty good. if i had to sell something i would want them something for me president obama signing legislation that will provide more lunches and dinners to school children and make the meals healthy. we have to find a way. something wrong with that, right? better food for the kids? sign up, line up here. the president says that the law is about doing what is right for american kids and helping them reach the full potential, a $4.5 billion measure expanding free meals for the needy and give the government the power to decide what kind of food may be sold in schools. the huge storm that rolled across the country is causing problems including football viewing. it was too much for minnesota where they are used to
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>>shepard: an investigation is underway in sweden to figure whether this weekend's suicide attack was the work of a lone bomber or a wider terrorist network. police say the suspect blew himself up in central stockholm on saturday. two others were hurt. officials say it could have been much worse. and it appears the explosives accidentally detonated earlier than expected. the iraq born swede sent police
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an audio recording before he died that said and i quote, "i are for real and exist among the europeans so with draw your forces from afghanistan and," he studied in britain and was living there for a decade. so far, no arrests have been made in the case. weather alert. deadly slow moving winter storm blasting the upper midwest. hello mid-december. 11 people have died in this. the storm dumped two feet of snow in minnesota and wisconsin before moving to michigan and indiana. major highways in self states shut down more than 1,500 flights canceled but this was not only confined to the center. that is how it looks in central florida. nobody will be eating fruit any
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time soon the farmers say they are very worried. and did you see this? everyone saw this. watch the flower bag pop. remember brett favre. weight of the snow teach for the structure, and officials call it the city's 5th greatest snowstorm of all time, so much for the vikings game against the giants yesterday. the giants snuck in kansas city, trying to get to minneapolis and the roof caves in. and now they will play the whole thing in detroit. free tickets for everyone. steve brown is live in illinois. steve, it was all hands on deck in indiana today. what is the latest? >>reporter: in lake porter in the northwest corner of the state of indiana, they used every available firefighter, policeman, and every piece of highway equipment, construction equipment, especially front end loaders to clear the highways of the snow and the cars that were
3:24 pm
blocked in. in porter county, along the line of 70-plus vehicles and the rescue operation is still ongoing in la porte county as we speak. and although there is this much traffic, votes went out and scoffed quickly that they were going nowhere fast. >> now we have made eight miles in an hour. we are giving in. going home. staying warm. there is an emergency advisory out there and officials say in indiana if you do not have to leave the home forage emergency situation, please stay at home. >>shepard: have all the air traffic snarls been straightened out? >>guest: largely but yesterday was a mess and it was not because of the snow but because of the wind gusting up to 50 miles per hour tying o'hare up in knots and 1,400 flights canceled and another 300 on the south side at midway, and 75 cancellations this morning, and it is down and it should be
3:25 pm
smoothing out but yesterday was a real bad day for flying through chicago. >>shepard: thank you. and coverage now to our meteorologist live in the weather center. it is warm out this morning here but tonight is different. >> the air will move east and we will see a big difference and looking at the current windshield temperature, cleveland is 2 below and our area is 32, a big contrast and that is because of the frontal system that is right there and like you mention it will be different tonight in new york city we will dip way down and, tomorrow, the high temperature will not even get out of the 20's, association bundle up, otherwise, florida will be another story out there, also, we expect the cool temperatures to be there, tonight, as well, and temperatures will be in the 20's and wind chill in the teens so florida is not use to seeing that. gentleman more snow across
3:26 pm
buffalo, and this is lake effect snow so you have cold air over warmer water and that is picking up the moisture and dumping it and lake effect snow in pittsburgh and down into west virginia, kentucky, and tennessee, so not each day that you see snow make it this far south. and, rain, you mention temperatures in the 40's this morning across this area, and they are warm across new england where it is still rain. no snow. >>shepard: thank you from the fox weather center. thank you. 20's. in central florida. orlando, in the 20's tonight. wind chill is lower. look out, fruit. political watchers consider it the biggest, president's biggest achievements but today a federal judge ruled that part of the sweeping new health care law is unconstitutional. we will talk about that ahead.
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>>shepard: bought o the hour and time for the top of the news. a major blow today to the president's health care. a federal judge in virginia declared part of the law unconstitutional. specifically, the requirement that all americans buy health insurance starting in 2014 or face a fine. that is the individual mandate. the judge ruled it is unconstitutional because the fed
3:30 pm
dozen not have the power to require all americans to buy it or anything else much the virginia challenge is one of, it only ruled on that but the point is made. virginia challenge of two dozen targeting the overhaul which the president signed into law in march. the administration said it will appeal this. we have our senior judicial analyst, the host of "freedom watch," just up the dial. you say from your study, this is unconstitutional. >>judge napolitano: the clause of the constitution which congress hangs its hat for power is called the interstate commerce law, and the congress used that to regulate things that move in interstate commerce, not just cars but corn in one state and sold in another. and it evolved to anything that i affected interstate commerce. so a bunch of farmers growing corn in their states that doesn't leave, congress can regulate it because if you add up all the corn together it is an economic activity so the argument here you go to your
3:31 pm
doctor, is that an economic act ?ift or a health care activity. one argument, second, does there power to regulate include the power to compel you to engage in interstate commerce? that is the argument this judge took and said, it doesn't. it doesn't give the congress the power to force you to purchase a good although everyone should have health coverage, that is an individual decision and not a government decision. >>shepard: a now the judge head -- judge henry hudson indicated this is how he was leaning and he owns a piece, up to $50,000 of a political consulting firm that worked with republicans including john boehner and john mccain and others. should that, is that part of the story? >>guest: probably not because federal judges are permitted to
3:32 pm
own shares of stock if they do not engage in management of them and if they declare what they do. this is a george w. bush appointmentee, a person of conservative ideological orientation and i don't think he makes bones about it. in the prior oral arguments where there were motions to dismiss he indicated it was likely he would rule this way and although i applaud this ruling, this is not the final say, it will go to the court of appeals, also in richmond and this with the or cases, 20 of these, 20 different federal judges they will make their way to the u.s. supreme court. but this judge made a very interesting argument when he said that no stat use -- not law authorizes congress to make you progress -- purchase something. >>shepard: how will this end
3:33 pm
up? >>judge napolitano: it is 2,300 pages long, and politically, it is the heart and soul of what the president and the democrats wantedded. legally, there are other aspects of the law that can stand on their own which the virginia attorney general asked the judge to invalidate but he decideed not to and to let other judges to look at those. the regulation that 85 percent of collective premiums must be spent on health care, which is what mcdonald's and others are asking to be exempt from and the regulation that states set up health care exchanges. he has not affected any of that with his ruling today. those are before a florida judge where other states are the plaintiffs and from whom we expect a ruling after christmas. ship when the next couple of years, maybe, or so? jug the attorney general of virginia is trying to get the supreme court to take a direct appeal. there is a rule that allows the
3:34 pm
supreme court to take a case directly from a trial judge when it will get there anyway. but the supreme court does not like to do that because there are 20 of these and it wants all of them resolved and then go to the appellate court and then the supreme court soy are talking a process of two or three years. >>shepard: well ... shoot me. the judge is on every day, 8:00 eastern, 7:00 p.m. in eastern on the fox business network, the fastest growing business in television news. if you don't get the fox business network, demand it. demand it. that will help. a lot. you saw the little tripping incident with the jets game. jets, no touchdown in, what, 12, ten quarters? the assistant coach reached out and tripped the guy there is now
3:35 pm
something new. boom. boom. injured. we just got the strength and conditioning coach and he was holding back tears according to the reporting of the associated press, and i didn't see it, but my understanding is that his execution was i wasn't thinking, and the league is reviewing this where he stuck his knee out and tripped the dolphins corner back, he was covering a punt in the third quarter and the rookie fell to the surf and lay this for several minutes and walked off and here is the thing, the coach is standing there and he was not thing and here come as guy from the other team and i certificate my knee out. i kind of get it. but, the coach cannot do that. what sort of fine could there be for this? we don't know. but i am sure they will make a decision. the jets will probably milk a decision. oops. all right. there you go. you decide.
3:36 pm
should the jets assistant coach be fired for tripping that player? a fancy in arrow with a moving bok. we are truly first-class. bernie madoff is in prison and his son killed himself. next, more legal fights over the biggest theft in history.
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>>shepard: a live look on capitol hill with a few more senators. this is a vote on the tax, on the health care thing that was, on tax cut thing supposed to happen quick. it will take, usually, 15 hours, but it will take two hours because of the weather. so it will take longer than
3:40 pm
usual, and we will get to that as it happens. >> a day after the new york middle examiner's office declared the death of madoff's son as a suicide no one has claimed the body. the father-in-law found the 46-year-old on saturday, hanged, from a dog leach, from a pipe in his own apartment. his two-year-old son asleep in the other room. the suicide coincided with his father's arrest two years ago. in other words, two years ago to the day his father was arrested. bernie madoff serving a 150 year life sentence for the running of the most massive investment fraud and some victims include his friends, his death comes after the filing of multiple lawsuits again the former madoff business. and now, we will start first with the family of the no one claimed the body? >>reporter: the body is at the
3:41 pm
morgue in new york city and there is word from bernie madoff's lawyer that bernie madoff will not request to attend a funeral if there is one but that clears the way, removing bernie from all of this, clears the way for the family members who have been discussing whether they will have a funeral service, to now go forward and possibly claim the body. but as of yet, no funeral home, nobody, has come forward to claim the body from the medical examiner. >>shepard: and he says he will hold a private service in the risen. what about the lawsuits filed? >>reporter: he faced multi million dollar suits and that lives, the estate will include that and the estate includes the four children, and the lawyers claim they received some of the money that mark received, that they believe came fraudulently from his father.
3:42 pm
>>shepard: thank you. we will get updates on that. and uproar over a line of clothes, now. a school has banned the clothes because of what is printed on the clothes. now, officials from the company that make the clothe threatening a school with a lawsuit. does this sowpt like deja vu? how many times has this happened? why is it so controversial? what is wrong? you tell the kids don't do something what will they do? they will do that.
3:43 pm
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naturally colorful vegetables are often a good source of vitamins, fiber, or minerals. and who brings you more natural colors than campbell's condensed soups? campbell's.® it's amazing what soup can do.™ to london starts with arthritis pain... and a choice. take tylenol now, and maybe up to 8 in a day. or...choose aleve and 2 pills for a day free of pain. enjoy the flight. >>shepard: big controversy in california over a school's ban on a line of clothes. the critics say they include items that are nazi-style helmets and a lightning bolt similar to those on nazi uniform. you decide. the folks who make the clothes which are reportedly inspired by a dirt bike stunt team are threatening to sue. and now from los angeles our
3:46 pm
defense team and a business attorney from washington, dc. good to see you. john, once again, the old people are telling the kids what to wear which will ensure they will wear it. what is wrong? >>guest: here in this case, you have --. >>shepard: i have seen this movie before but i want to know the facts. >>guest: i am glad you pointed that out. this is similar to the case in the bond hits for jesus case, want to the supreme court and they decided that message was not protected speech but it is different. in this case there is no evidence of substantial injury or harm and in that case they did show disruption. the case in the bond hits for jesus, stated that there has to be an actual disruption or substantial evidence and unless
3:47 pm
you have that you cannot go and say the speech is a violation. the supreme court decided against it, and 9th circuit said it was a vie lietion, and this is a conservative jurtd and conservative court and they will say it is a violation. >>guest: i could not disagree more. the supreme court has never given a corporation this kind of a right to sue their goods and be able to get sold, and this is a situation where the people that need to run the show are the people that are running the school and they should step up and do their job and not cave to the legal pressure. the only indication from the folks at the school system is they feel they are under a fiscal restriction from being able to hold firm because they are short on cash for litigation. but the bottom line is the security, since the late 1960's makes it clear school officials have the right to make sure there is a schoolen environment that is conducive to learning. you have a teen in suburbs of boston committed suicide because
3:48 pm
she was subject to cyber bullying. how can a school respond to that and not be able to set regulations that it feels depict s nazism on shirts. i cannot disagree more. >>guest: could i respond? >>shepard: go ahead. >>guest: in that case there was cheer proof of substantial injury or harm and there is no evidence whatever here any child was intimidated or anyone was in fear that these people would do anything. it is just a fashionable clothing line for motorcycle racers and if there was an injury or substantial evidence of that i would agree. but there is no such thing. >>shepard: it is about a dirt bike team. what happens when you live in nj and you -- when you live in new york and you wear philadelphia jerseys? why do the adults care? this is about dirt bike team maybe they ought to pay more attention to other things of
3:49 pm
their children. >>guest: i agree in that instance i would say you are on the right side but the bottom line, it is up to the officials. lawyers can not bully their way in and say go ahead and force someone to change their policy because it is not conducive to what is going on in the school system. there are a lot of problems with there and the reason they thing of cairving in is because of fiscal responsibility. nothing unconstitutional with their approach. >>shepard: john? >>guest: in the case of that, there is clear ruling by the supreme court that says that school speech is fundamentally protected unless you can show a harm or injury and i don't think the evidence is there. >>shepard: good to see you both. thank you. the chairman of the republican national committee has been taking criticism for many months and michael steele has refused to stay if he will go for his post. we are about to get an answer. imperial can convert
3:50 pm
your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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>>shepard: and new questions of the future of the republican national committee chairman michael steele. steele is expected to announce if he will seek another term some time this evening. he santa an e-mail to committee members and scheduled a conference call for 7:30 tonight. steele has come under scrutiny and some call for him to step down. and now, trace has this. what have we heard? >>trace: he is unpredictable and the staffers tell fox news that they are not exactly sure what is going to happen during the conference call and could talk about fundraiser. but michael steele's critics say he will use the conference call tonight to say he is not going to run for another term.
3:54 pm
however, g.o.p. insiders tell fox that is not true. that michael steele wants to keep his position and he will run again but we can tell you this, if he is planning to keep his position, he has done very little to get his new campaign off the ground. >>shepard: if he says he wants to run, it is very clear that he may not have the support. >>trace: that is the issue. there are 168 members of the republican national committee so for him to win a second term he has to get 85 votes and the political insiders say he has 40 or 50 votes. keep in mind, these are elected through a series of votes and steele could get 40 the first round and as the candidates get weeded out he could collect more. a big names being talked about is a man named previn the head of the wisconsin g.o.p., a former legal cowns -- counsel
3:55 pm
and he may challenge him. that call happens during the fox report tonight so we will have the outcome, like. >>shepard: yes, we will. thank you, trace. and later, during the fox report, chairman steele goes on the record so we will have his new conference at 7:30, 6:30 in objection for and at 10:00 eastern, and 9:00 in oxford, "on the record," and he will talk. a big shakeup in the iran heard, with mahmoud ahmadinejad naming the nuclear chief to serve as the act top diplomat. the sacking came while the minister on the left in the video was in the middle of a visit to africa and ahmadinejad gave no explanation but it could reflect a growing risk between the ruling clerics and the hard-line government. and next, word of a newly discovered secret code if the
3:56 pm
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3:59 pm
the artist and the left hides "b" and "s." or maybe, "c" and "e." you cannot tell for sure and he found the number "72," and hes this can identify the real like subject, 72 is the year of the ... (inaudible) and before we wrap it up in "studio b" the midterms could seem like a distant memory but one quote from this year's election should go down in history. >> i am not a witch. i'm nothing you have heard. >>shepard: i'm you. words from the all around great person, christine o'donnell, and tops the 5th list of notable quotations from a librarian at yale tied for first place with another famous quote "i would like


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